VOLTA NYC, March 2018
presented by Galerie Nicolas Robert

Vues du kiosque
Views of the booth

Through Your Eyes I, 2017
Dry pigments on paper, wood, painted iron
46 x 51 x 16" | 118 x 130 x 40cm

Through Your Eyes II, 2018
Dry pigments on paper, wood
54 x 45 x 8" | 137 x 114 x 20cm

Through Your Eyes is an anthem to my mother. I have never stopped to be intrigued by her sight of the world. Now 33 years old, I still ask her to describe the way she sees without her glasses. A blurry and spatial world she has access to… a brush of colours with undefined edges and shifting depths as she moves around. Always keen to know so that I could understand, imagine, project myself in this space with new intriguing laws of perception.

On the Other Side, 2018
Dry pigments on paper, wood, painted iron
72 x 45 x 14" | 183 x 114 x 36cm

We Could Almost Touch Them, 2018
Dry pigments on paper
40 x 30" | 102 x 76cm

And the Light Brushed Against Your Cheek, 2018
Dry pigments on paper
40 x 30" | 102 x 76cm

From the Series On Our Way To The Border, 2017-18
Dry pigments on paper
between 12 x 9" to 12 x 18"

On Our Way To The Border
It does not matter which one: physical, administrative or psychological, borders can often seem insurmountable. The road leading to the transcendence of this obstacle is scattered with moments, impressions, places and landscapes which work as landmarks, portals both keeping us prisoner of the feelings contained in a passed memory, but which also holds the power to propel us passed these times of turmoil.

For On Our Way To The Border, I allowed myself to look back at these moments which felt like corner stones of the four-year-long journey that my partner and I shared towards his Canadian permanent residency status.

photo crédit photo: Andreanne Godin & Trigonix

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